Just some of the authors whose work is available on ckbk (see the full list)

A wonderful facility!  When I find a great ingredient I tend to buy lots and want to use it in different ways. ckbk brings me many options from trustworthy authors.
— Sri Owen, author, The Rice Book

I am delighted to be among the first to have a cookbook featured on this exciting new site that embraces new technology and ease of use for many of the top cookbooks.
— Rose Levy Beranbaum, author, The Cake Bible

I’m excited about the launch of ckbk, both as a platform for contemporary food writing and as a convenient way to access culinary classics.  I look forward to tapping into the service.
— Peter Reinhart, academic and author, Brother Juniper's Bread Book

ckbk delivers ‘Recipes That Work’ from the best cookbooks and authors. Who can beat that? The recipes will never go out of style and never let you down. Instead they promise inspiring and accessible cooking. Other’s have said it, and it’s true for me as well, this really is the recipe site of my dreams!
— Jeremiah Tower, chef and author

Wonderful to see so many of my friends included! We passed on the ‘baton of good taste’ from one generation to the next. what a joy!
— Graham Kerr, aka "The Galloping Gourmet"

I love ckbk as it means all my my work of almost forty years is now available. I love seeing not only my books but also those of my many mentors! A great resource for any food lover & cook!
— Ken Hom, chef, presenter and author

I am a traveller at heart & in my journeys have discovered & enjoyed a multitude of glorious food & cultures. It is an honour to be included in the library of ckbk with some of the best chefs & food writers whose cookbooks are a labour of love.
— Tess Kiros, cookbook author