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A vast and expanding collection

Already includes over 65,000 recipes from hundreds of cookbooks, with thousands of new recipes added every month.


cream of the crop

Our selection of new and classic cookbooks from award-winning food writers and culinary legends brings you recipes from the greatest kitchens in the world

Recommendations from famous names help guide you to great cookbook discoveries

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So thrilled with this concept! A great combination of the well-known cookbooks and some newer chefs, to me. Easy to navigate, a plethora of choices. Thank you!
— Founder Subscriber and Beta user

Something for everyone

We have cookbooks of every genre with everything from 20-minute weeknight meals to dinner party show-stoppers

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ckbk delivers ‘Recipes That Work’ from the best cookbooks and authors. The recipes will never go out of style and never let you down. Instead they promise inspiring and accessible cooking . . . this really is the recipe site of my dreams!”
— Jeremiah Tower, chef and author

Be inspired

Whether you are down to the last ingredients in your fridge, or have been captivated by new produce at your local market, ckbk will instantly find you great recipes from your favorite books


Instant access to the best cookbooks - bravo! Now I can easily compare how different authors tackle a subject, be it root vegetables or ramen.
— Anne Willan, author of La Varenne Pratique

Explore, Discover, Cook

This looks to be the recipe site of my dreams. I look forward to the day you launch!
— Icelandic TV chef, Árni Ólafur Jónsson

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Browse the entire collection ofcookbooks; their tables of contents and covers

Cook with the best

More than 300 cookbooks ranked and recommended by leading chefs and food writers


Boundless Discovery

Explore over 65,000 new and classic recipes with thousands more added each month


Targeted Inspiration

Filter by over 50 national cuisines, dietary requirements, type of dish, and 3 difficulty levels


Cook what is right for you

Our recommendation engine helps you find relevant recipes to fit your lifestyle and tastes


Build confidence in the kitchen

ckbk’s curated collections and original content help guide you to the best recipes

What’s COMING…

ckbk is rolling out new features all the time - here are a few highlights to look forward to.

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Browse the entire collection ofcookbooks; their tables of contents and covers

Share notes and upload photos for your favorite recipes


Instantly generate shopping lists and online grocery orders


Integrated nutritional analysis of all recipes


Menu planning, quantity scaling and measurement conversion


Just $8.99/month for PREMIUM membership

Love, love, loving With great cookbooks that have been sitting just out of reach on my Amazon wish list for years and tons of functionality I’m looking forward to. What’s here has already introduced me to authors I might never have discovered.
— John Paul Boukis, Founder subscriber and beta user

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