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How to use ckbk

A guide for new members

ckbk is the ultimate search and discovery tool providing unlimited access to the world’s best cookbooks online. Here are some tips to help you find your way around ckbk.

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Search results for “asparagus photo” with smart-filters applied

Search results for “asparagus photo” with smart-filters applied

You can search our library for:

  • Books

  • Authors

  • Recipes

  • Reference articles

Search by book title, author, ingredient, dish, occasion or culinary term (e.g. “Silver Palate”, “Ducasse”, “asparagus”, “soufflé”, “easter”, “bain-marie”).

Search tips for finding exactly what you want:

  • Refine results by adding additional terms (e.g. “Norwegian fish recipes”, “gluten-free vegan cakes”) or use our built-in smart filters. Select one or multiple options based on cuisine, course, diet, complexity, era, author or book.

    • For a broad recipe search, start by searching for “all recipes” and then filter from there.

  • Search for recipes that include several ingredients (e.g. “tomatoes mozzarella”).

  • Explore a regional cuisine by adding a country name to your search (e.g. “pancake Japan”). Alternately search for entire books on that cuisine by adding “cookbooks” to your search (e.g. “French cookbooks”).

  • Our library is full of drool-worthy photos and educational videos; discover the visual side of our recipes by adding the word “video”, or “photo” to your search (e.g. “asparagus photo”, “pasta video”);

  • Limit results to recipes only by adding “recipe” to your search (e.g. “apple pie recipe”).

  • Missing an ingredient? We’ll help you with ingredient substitutions. Search by ingredient to find reference articles or recipes to make the ingredient from scratch (e.g. “garam masala”).

  • Does cilantro taste like soap to you? Exclude any ingredient from recipe results by adding a minus sign before the item you want to ignore (e.g. “salsa verde -cilantro”).

  • Our smart thesaurus recognizes spelling variations and will keep all your kebab/kabob’s straight.

For more search tips, see our help section.


Tessa Kiros’ author page with titles she’s authored and books she recommends

Tessa Kiros’ author page with titles she’s authored and books she recommends

For culinary explorers, our site is designed to help you find new and related results on your topic of interest. Start with a search query or begin browsing from the Author and Books menu.

Visit our author pages

Each author page gives you a rich introduction to the author containing a short author biography, a list of their books, links to their website and in many cases, a list of their favorite cookbooks.

Browse Book pages

Explore the Table of Contents to access the full content of every book

Explore the Table of Contents to access the full content of every book

Our book pages help you explore every book cover to cover. Read a synopsis of the book, browse recommendations by experts, scan all recipes and explore the book’s full content by scrolling through the table of contents.

Explore related recipes

  • From each recipe page, you’ll be provided a list of other related recipes and reference articles.


Discover the depth of our library through a rotating selection of featured books, authors and recipes expertly curated by our food editor and highlighted on our homepage. Features are updated regularly, so check back often.

Check our homepage regularly for:

Explore recipe collection curated by our team

Explore recipe collection curated by our team

  • Cookbook showcase

  • Recipe collections

  • Recently added books

  • Recipe of the day

  • Author spotlights

  • Seasonal ingredients

  • Trending recipes

Save for later

Favorite recipes and books:

  • Click on the heart icon to add recipes and books to your favorites list.

  • Print any recipe.

  • Share special finds using our social buttons.

Coming Soon

Here’s what coming next:

  • Fridge foraging – provide a few ingredients from your fridge, and we’ll guide you through a series of questions to find the perfect recipe.

  • Grocery lists – we’ll help you build a list of ingredients to buy online or offline.

  • Custom collections – create your own recipe “playlists” so you can easily organize items you’d like to save.